Are You Planning A Charity Function?

Is your church, club, or another organization to which you belong trying to raise money for a worthy purpose? Perhaps you are part of a group that is providing college scholarships to underprivileged children; or your purpose in raising money might be something like building a school in a third-world country. Whatever the purpose for which you are raising money for charity, if you are on the committee to plan a charity function or if you are actually the head of the committee, from planning the event to getting wine donated, here are some ideas that might help you to meet a worthy goal:

Plan The Event

Hopefully you have others who are willing and even anxious to help you meet a financial goal you have established. If committees have not been formed yet, that is more than likely your best place to start. For example, have somebody who is over advertising, somebody who is in charge of planning entertainment for your event, another person who will be in charge of setting up things like decorations and tables and chairs, and another person who is in charge of obtaining items that will be donated -- things like wine for the meal, or items that will be part of an auction. As you plan the charity function, give all committee members dates for future meetings so that you can get together and make sure that things are going as planned. Keep in close touch with committee heads between meetings, too.

Seek Donations

Obviously, the less money you have to spend on the charity function means you'll have more money to meet your goal. For example, if you plan something like a wine and cheese tasting event, consider arranging for those items to be donated. Liquor stores and grocery stores in your area will more than likely be very happy to be part of a good cause. If you can find local businesses willing to donate wine, instead of having the committee buy it, that will be a huge help. As you seek donations for something like an auction, consider having the same stores make a donation for the auction, too. Assure the representatives from those stores that the names of their business will be announced both in programs and when you thank those who have helped. In fact, as you offer a toast using the donated wine, consider also toasting those who made such an important donation to your cause.

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